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White Flowers

Like freshly fallen snow, the finest of lace or the drama of a wedding dress, the singular beauty of white flowers is simplicity itself. The epitome of sophistication, a white-on-white floral gift conveys elegance and reverence with a timeless grace all its own.

The wonderful world of white
When most people think about the color white, tranquility, purity and peacefulness tend to come to mind. SensationalColor.com reports these are some of the most common symbols of the color white, while it also signifies cleanliness and neutrality. This may be why brides and doctors don the hue, which is technically a shade that indicates the lack of any pigment.

Besides helping people feel clean and pure, the color enhances mental clarity, helps people remove or discourage clutter in their lives and evokes pure thoughts or actions. White is the color worn by brides in Western cultures as well as in Japan, however the hue is used during mourning in other parts of the world. It's custom for people in China and parts of Africa to wear the shade after a loved one's passing. It was also the color worn by medieval European Queens instead of black during mourning, the website reports.

If you're looking to start a new garden or add some life to your indoor floral collection, purchasing white flowers is a great way to go. The hue is known for being a neutral color in landscape design and it can easily act as a centerpiece or the background for other, more prominent hues. You could also experiment with a moon garden, or an outdoor space that consists entirely of white blossoms. This romantic setting gives off the illusion of the area glowing in the moonlight and is a fabulous option for people who spend a lot of time in their outdoor living spaces.

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